Eli Halpin Oil Paintings
Whooping Cranes
oil on wood
80" x 60"
formerly two doors measureing 80"x30" each


These paintings are a thank you to all the scientists who are helping the last single flock of whooping cranes in the US. In l94O the United Sates was down to only 2l of these birds left because of all the white people that moved here, hunted them down, poached their eggs and made farms on their homes. Right now there are a few hundred. Scientists took some crane eggs and hatched them and trained them to follow a white hang glider thingy around for years until they could follow it for 3O miles. When the birds were old enough they followed this ultra light aircraft all the way from Wisconsin to Florida, their natural route of migration. Cranes do not have an instinct to know this route, they have to be taught by their moms. Since the endangered birds' moms were dead people did it for them and it seems to be working. This has been happening for 5 years. This lady in the painting is a reflection of an imitation mommy and a pseudo leader for all the cranes today.

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