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I just got off the Skype... (is that how you phrase it?) with my new secret weapon. I hired an artist consultant. And I hired the best! Her name is Betsy Cordes and it was love at first sight. She consults for a few of the best artists in the US, the cream at the top....these artists are my role models, they are super women, they are internationally recognized licensing queens. They have their art all over so many gorgeous products that almost any American consumer has laid their eyes on... yes you. And Betsy Cordes is behind the scenes whispering sweet sage messages into their ears. She is not an agent. She tailors her expert guidance and sometimes direct support to help you build, promote and manage your creative brand. She is next level stuff. 

You can treat yourself to her services at 
Ever since my dog died in April, I have deliberately implemented a new personal slogan to cheer myself on with that wisps through my mind like one of those advertising banners that little antique airplanes drag around in between fluffy clouds. And this new mantra is: I WANT THE BEST. I did it on purpose. I have had enough with the famine and the "never enough" bad attitude habit that just grinds me down.

Seriously, life is so painful and if I am going to be alive in this world then I want the best! I want to fully drench myself in life and just completely marinate in the love that I hear is out there for everyone. If God loves all of us and everything is always working out for the best ~ then I just want to recognize it so I can cope with Earth and appreciate and participate in the magic making.

And if that sounds "selfish" in a negative way then these blog posts ain't for you. Selfish is where it's at! When it comes to health, selfishness is where it starts. You can't help the suffocating sea turtles that are choking on your plastic garbage bags that just blew away into the ocean if you are broke and tired.

One of the many thought provoking questions that Betsy asked me is what type of people do you want as your ideal client/customer/business partner?... Basically who do you want to surround yourself with and deal with all the time?

I didn't really understand the question so we had to talk this one out. I told her there was definitely two different types of people that come into my art studio. People who are warm and loving and are happy to meet me (my favorite kind!) and then there are occasionally people that seem disappointed.. it's rare but it is as if they were expecting something different.

They were maybe assuming I should be wearing only earth tones and to be less giggly and more academic. They came to my art studio wanting a mysterious artist that wears really baggy clothes... maybe someone more depressed with a touch of anger? And it's very uncomfortable for me because I am none of those things right now in my life. I'm happy and I laugh a lot and like to be loud and honest and wear my heart on my sleeve. I wear a LOT of pink and a lot of lipstick. Sometimes I even get (GASP!) spray tans! {I just discovered these things and I'm all like where have you been all my life? Organic non toxic spray tans of course!} I love gushing and letting people know how much I appreciate them. I appreciate it when people take time out of their life to drive to the edge of town to my creepy warehouse park just to see my paintings... it's only creepy and secret looking on the outside. The inside is really bright and fun.

Come visit me in my art studio! Nice people are welcome! 
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Aug 18, 2016

I am totally in LOVE with your paintings, every single one of them holds magic and a feeling of happiness for the soul. I plan on saving up to purchase an original, but for now, I will be thrilled beyond measure to have canvas prints of my faves. Thank you SO much for your talent and perception of wildlife. You are brilliant and genius!
Please consider me one of your many warm fuzzy followers! YAY Eli Halpin!!!

Aug 03, 2016

Saw a bumper sticker the other day… It read “Mean People Suck!” There are an awful lot of “mean” people out there, but I still believe the good outweigh the bad. So…. I try my best to be one of the “good people” and not to be too critical of anyone elses’ art but my own. I’ve nearly died three times now in the last 10 years. It’s just not worth my time to deal with the unhappiness that being mean causes.

Betty Smith
Mar 22, 2016

I love your motto and your style! I can’t wait to be pregnant and to finally start decorating a nursery – especially with your art! I love happy, joyful, art with positive energy & that’s what you create. Elephants are my favorite with foxes a close second – I can’t wait to see what else you create. ???

Sending healing love to you and your fur baby in puppy paradise.


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