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Gemstones in the Paint


My new habit of putting gemstones into paintings has led me to some interesting places.  Most frequently is 
Nature's Treasures
here in Austin Texas.  This place houses shelves and tables full of pretty precious rocks and fossils. Their website states that they are 

"... your gateway into a magical 

world of crystals, minerals, fossils and much more." 

 Why does that make me giggle?


Nature's Treasures offers metaphysical fairs, classes and psychics that give readings.  There was a animal psychic last week so naturally I brought my dog into see what he was thinking.  Her name was Elizabeth Martindale and technically she is called a psychic medium and animal communicator.  I think that means she can read my dog's mind and talk to my dead cats.  She was awesome!  She told me my dog really wanted a baby.

Now that I've squirreled these lovelies back to my art studio its time to put them into the paintings...

Dung Beetles make real magic.

Manta Ray Tails are next.

Around here gemstones belong in tree bark...

and fish food..

and sunflowers..
and more magic poo!
Thank you for reading about my day!  

~Love Beams~


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