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Eli's 12th Art Studio

The Twelfth Time is a Charm
I LOVE my art studio. 
The studio that I paint in right now didn't just plop down into my lap one day like a stroke of luck. I have worked up to it over time.  Over a very looooonnnnnnngggggg time.  You could even say it has taken me 36 years since I have been working toward this since I was born I think.  Over the last 36 years I have had 12 art studios, most of them I adored.  But the one I have now in Austin Texas is my favorite. 
When I moved in last year it didn't look like a dream studio right away.  It took some time and effort, but doesn't everything?
The city of Austin gave us free recycled paint! They call it beige but its actually a gorgeous creamy dollhouse antique white.  I'm in love. 
Visit Austin ReBlend if you want some too.
I finally got to end my relationship with plastic shelves, hooray! .. might as well paint the floor too while we are at it.
Gulp. What did I get myself into?
Ummm, worth it.
Yes. I did put a hat on my dog.  He was cold, okay?! 
Time to build a storage case for canvases...
...and a room made of windows to keep our tools.
Does Michael look tired? Hmmm. I wonder why.
Perfect! Thank you Michael!
Every girl needs a tool room.
I finally ended my relationship with tin cans and glass jars to store my nails and screws.  2013 is going great!

My friends came by to bless the place and now its time to get back to work:
Thanks for looking! 

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