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My friends came to Austin for a visit and we went to a drive through safari in San Antonio, Texas.  
It is called the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch and it is located just outside San Antonio.
This place did not disappoint! 
They give you a bag of delicious pellets and ask that you do not drive over 5 mph.
The first moment we pulled in 2 unidentifiable animals (we thought we knew what we were doing when we declined purchasing the animal identifier brochure at the gate!) pushed their big lovely heads into your car and ate our pellets! They had big ears and white stripes down the sides of their pale brown furry bodies.

I mean, what is that?!!
Its lovely! I love it!
There were probably around 1000 animals in the whole hour that it took for us to get through the whole place.  The land was large and the animals looked peaceful.  They were all so gentle to us.  There were piles of fresh grass laying along the road so most of them ignored us while they chewed.  But there were lots more that swarmed our car!  (heart beats!!)
And there were so many babies!! 
Then the ostrich came, scary scary thing!  It pecked into our car so fast that we were all a little frightened.  We closed the window and she pecked at the car demanding pellets.  She finally snatched the whole bag out of my lap!! Smart. As soon as she dropped it I opened the car door and grabbed it, even though the sign clearly stated to STAY IN THE CAR.

Kind of like JAWS
A BEAUTIFUL strong BIRD!  It was fun to be able to peek into its armpits.
Zebras!  With the zebras there were signs saying to keep your windows rolled up.  They were the most aggressive out of the bunch so it was best not get bitten or kicked by these creatures.  Sometimes one of the zebras would get irritated and kick another zebra with both of their back feet at the same time.  Dents in my car, no thanks!

Goats Galore


Just a buffalo standing outside of my car, no big deal.


Donkey Love 

Donkey paintings...
UH OH....    LLAMAS!


And then came new llama paintings.  I couldn't help it.  

This is my friend Virginia and I...... oh and there was that Alamo thing ~
I touched the Alamo!
I just posted a whole bunch of 
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Thank you for reading about my inspirations!

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