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Lovely Longhorns

Oh Lovely Longhorns
I got the opportunity to visit some longhorns since I moved to Texas.  A friend has a bunch on his family's property and invited Michael and I to drive into the field and feed them from our hands.  We stopped at the feed store and picked up a 50 pound snack bag of grains. I successfully resisted the urge to buy a baby duck. 

These longhorns are for tax purposes.  
In Texas you can avoid a lot of land tax by having some of these gorgeous creatures live practically feral in your untended pasture.  They need a water source but after that it was up to these guys to survive on their own through the long hot summers.  Some of them didn't make it though leaving piles of bones and baby longhorn skulls laying about.

We dumped some of the grains into the long empty trough and begged them to eat the rest from our fingers.  Their horns were swinging wildly all over the air and they kept stamping their feet..my friend/guide insisted everything was fine.  "Just keep your hands far away and get ready for the swing right after they eat."  

We made it out of there without injury and with the gift of them and these photos and these memories. Thank you lovely longhorns.

Thank you for sharing my experiences and inspirations!
           Longhorns by Eli Halpin   
    oil and mixed media on recycled wood  
   23.75" x 79.25"

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