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Delicious Ribbon

Delicious Ribbon
I went to a family reunion this summer in July at my Grandparents' house in South Dakota.   I didn't see too many animals this trip except for an exceptional family of baby kitten siblings and one farm mom cat watching over them.  They slept in the barn in my Grandpa's yard.  Every day they would spill out into the strawberry garden and mew.  Nobody seemed sure how many their were but I am guessing around 15.  The yard also has a corn field in it.  I made sure to make some corn paintings to bring to them for a gifts.  My uncle and I measured the corn at 11 ft.  
So anyways, about the ribbon, at the family reunion party I was tasked with the job to put some work into paper lanterns to be hung with ribbon.  This was one of the most beautiful parties in the whole world.  The decorations were all planned by my mom and aunties and every little detail informed me that we were definitely related.  I loved every little bit.  The cupcake paper holders, the name tags, the dessert table were all soaked in hearts and polka dots. Everything was Swedish and Norwegian themed.  I fell in love with the ribbon and have been collecting it ever since.  I bought some new spools today and I'm super excited about them!  I love being inspired by art supplies and parties. 

I love my scissors.  They remind me of The Grimm Brothers whenever I look at them  .I bought these scissors at a yard sale in Oregon 15 years ago for $1.  That was a good day! 
Back to the corn...

This is me standing in my Grandparents' yard.
This is the painting I brought to them.  I had so much fun making this and getting ready for my visit.
The party took place at the community center in Rosholt.  The guest list was about 200.  The town's population is around 400 I think so we were definitely being noticed.
  This is my cousin William dancing with me!

This is my favorite sister being herself!  
  And no family reunion would be complete without family portraits!  This is my mom, brother, sister and I.  Fun!

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