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Beauty Marks

I like to paint from photos that I have taken.  I guess that means I am a painter and a photographer? Sometimes people gift me with their photos of animals which are truly valuable to me.. so I am also a "gift receiver".
Sometimes I go to county fares but zoos can work as long as there isn't too much cage in between the camera and I.  Another good way to snap great animal pics is to pull over on the side of the road when animals in their pastures are next to the fence.  It takes a good camera habit and some quick thinking but it is always worth it, even if I forgot the camera that day. 
Michael and I were on a business trip/date photographing animals at the zoo. On this day in Austin Texas there were peacocks crawling all over us with their striking beauty marks. And I love a good peacock rump. Lovely!! So beautiful! And lucky for me very photogenic and not camera shy.


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