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New Art Studio

The month of August has been a game changer for me.  I scored a huge warehouse in South Austin. Along with Casey and Michael, my two super powers that work with  me, I have been whipping this former car mechanic's garage into shape.  For weeks in the heat we have been insulating it and cleaning it to make it sparkle.  The floors were covered in car grease and Casey did the bulk of that job getting the floors cleaned and painted.  I have officially turned into a monkey.  I have been living for days on top of a ladder up in the rafters with dirt in my hair and it is starting to pay off.  Here are some sneak peek photos of the birth of this 1250 sq foot warehouse.  If my last studio was a tree house then this place is a mansion.  A fixer upper mansion.

Casey made the floors pretty!
We can fit a whole truck inside!

              This is how we change light bulbs around here!

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