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My Paintings Don't Teleport Themselves.

My Paintings Don't Teleport Themselves.

 One question I often get is

"How do you price your paintings?" 

Prints Van by Eli Halpin

There are many practical ways to come up with this number, including time and materials.

And when I say materials, there is more to it than just paint, brushes and canvases. There are many moving parts, and one of them is a (hopefully properly working and safe) vehicle.

After I make a large painting, it's just sitting there big and taking up precious space. The paintings can really pile up and get in the way of making more, unless I move them!

One of my artists's materials includes a large moving van and it has been so fun through the years to slowly progress from using city buses to move my paintings around to tying them to the roof of borrowed cars to owning my own used crappy trucks that often didn't start. 

Once my painting is made, it needs to be moved around the city.

Decades ago I used to bring my large canvases on the city bus to hang an art show, I did whatever it took and used what I had.

The paintings need to be taken to and from the photographer, brought to their art shows, driven to the freight company for shipping and delivered to their new homes. 

After many rusty and used situations I am feeling pretty happy with the latest upgrade! 

I was so nervous at the thought of plastering my paintings on the sides. I was feeling very "exposed" at the idea. Once Michael convinced me to consider it and we talked to the designer (and my mom and sister of course!) I warmed up to the idea. After months of the design process with the vehicle wrap company I was getting excited and the day the van arrived I was SO HAPPY! I LOVE IT! Even if it is a little bit bonkers.

You can expect much larger paintings coming up!







Sep 25, 2016

I love the van! I hope it helps you sell a lot more of your artwork!

Sep 08, 2016

Sweetest Eli,
Fear not! I bet they put more smiles on people’s faces than you could count. Not to mention the children in awe. It speaks volumes for your talents, imagination, and yes, gumption to do it!
Beautiful art. Still love my giraffes!!
Blessings, MRS

Sep 08, 2016

Love the van…we almost drove off the road when we first saw it in Austin! Looked so great amid all the cool shops on South Congress. Love your posts and behind-the-scenes details — keep up the amazing work!

Sep 07, 2016

I absolutely love what you did to the van! And I really love your work, especially the animals. I bought zebras for my friend and a peacock for my niece. Keep them coming!

Tammy Calasanti
Sep 07, 2016

Oh my gosh! It is FANTASTIC! How exciting!!!!!!

Sep 07, 2016

Thank you for this blog! It is amazing to me that you have gone through so much to transport such incredible beloved artworks! When artwork is beautifully presented in a gallery, we take for granted how it made it there…..you opened my eyes, Thank you….keep creating your masterpieces!

Kate Connor

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