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Welcome to my new art studio and gallery in Austin Texas! This space was built from the ground up and the the process has taken over a year to finally get the keys. It is not completed yet but it is almost finished! My permit was just passed with the city so I can continue installing a very fancy air filtration system to get rid of my stinky paint fumes and keep myself and everyone inside healthy and happy. I am also working on getting more lights, signs for the outside, a utility sink, a front desk, shelves and fixtures for the gift shop and some big walls on wheels to acts as backdrops for the window displays. The "window walls" will also provide privacy so I can paint without feeling like a circus act through the big gorgeous windows since I am a very shy person and not a performance artist :) :) 



Grand Opening Party Date TBD

Regular Open Hours TBD

Located at the Springdale General 1023 Springdale Rd in Austin TX 78721

Please check back for updates and follow the progress on Instagram